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Why do we study saint Literature (Sant Wangmay)

Reading of the life experiences of great Saints in their literature reinforces and channels our beliefs, assumptions and thought processes in the direction of the path followed by these great Saints and ultimately towards lasting happiness and peace people want to pursue in their day to day lives.


Links to Saint Literature

3.   Shri Daasbodh (Wikibook) :  http://mr.wikibooks.org/wiki/दासबोध
4.   Shri Haripath (Wikibook) : http://mr.wikibooks.org/wiki/हरिपाठ
5.   Bhagvad Gita (English) :  http://www.yoga-age.com/gita/bhagavad12.html
6.   Shri Tukaram Maharaj Gatha (Download) :   http://www.tukaram.com/pages/Gatha.asp
7.   Dnyaneshwari in explained in Marathi :  http://indianheritage.cdac.in
9.    Gurudev Ranade-One God One World One Humanity :  http://gurudevranade.com/bm3.html
10.  Pant Maharaj Balekundrikar : http://www.pantmaharaj.org/
11.  Ideology of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission   : http://www.rkmhq.org/Ideology.htm
12.  Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda : http://www.ramakrishnavivekananda.info/ 
14. Khapre.org:  http://www.khapre.org/




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